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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Another great actress from Holywood, Natalie Portman has managed to bring in front uniqueness, finesse and a stellar potential, all combined in a powerful package that has impressed women from all over the world. Born in 1981 in Israel, she is one of the first women that managed to acquire stellar roles early in her career, and she has continued to do so throughout the years.

Natalie Portman didn’t really focus a lot on having other career other than being an actress even though in 1999 she enrolled in the psychology sector of Harvard. However, she was still working on becoming an actress.

What you need to know when it comes to Natalie Portman is the fact that her first role was in the movie named Leon The Professional, in which she starred opposite of Jean Reno. This was one of the movies that placed her directly on the pedestal for getting more roles, but between 1994 when that movie was released and 1999 she didn’t really get that much exposure. It was with the Star Wars prequel trilogy released from 1999 to 2005 when she received a lot of praise, as she played the queen Padme Amidala.

In the meantime, she also starred in the drama Closer, 2004, for which she managed to receive a Constellation award for the best female performance. She also starred in V for Vendetta which brought her a Saturn award for the best actress.

Aside from these movies, Natalie is also known for some major historical dramas which include The Other Boleyn Girl and Goya’s Ghosts which were some major, appealing and truly extraordinary movies that she managed to star in.

It’s important to note that aside from being a proficient actor, she is also a director, and she managed to release her first movie in 2015, a movie which is named A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Another major role that Portman is widely known for is definitely Jane Foster, which is the love interest of Thor in both Marvel movies named Thor and Thor The Dark World.

Yet another role that brought her critical acclaim is Black Swan, a movie for her she received her first Academy Award for Best Actress, a Golden Globe, an SAG award, BFCA and BAFTA award.

As you can see, during her career, she managed to acquire quite a lot of interesting and exciting awards, and this continues to expand. Even though she has a Hebrew origin and she was actually born in Jerusalem, she has quickly become one of the standout actresses in the entire US and she continues to have a stellar, extraordinary career that manages to improve day by day! If you like Natalie Portman movies, then you need to know that she has quite a busy schedule for the near future, so one has to appreciate her amazing dedication to her craft, and rest assured that her performance will be, as always, a stellar one!

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